DACAS-Rob kick-off event!

Dear members of DACAS-Rob, please be invited to a kick-off event, where we will eventually be able to establish the Danish Academic Society of Robotics in an in-person event. DIRA invited us to have the kick-off at the side of RobotBrag 2022,at Forskersparken Odense, 5 May 2022, 15:45-16:30 in DTI’s conference room. The agenda isContinue reading “DACAS-Rob kick-off event!”

Danish Robotics Research Webinar Series

Dear fellow roboticists, in 2020, we invited the international community to a webinar series with four episodes featuring robotics research at universities in Denmark. Each episode of the webinar series featured scientific presentations, virtual lab tours and opportunities to meet and greet the Danish robotics research community in person. …streamed – see video and programContinue reading “Danish Robotics Research Webinar Series”

About establishing DACAS-Rob

We originally planned to establish the Danish Academic Society of Robotics as part of a visit of a Danish delegation at AUTOMATICA in Germany in December 2020. Unfortunately, AUTOMATICA was cancelled due to Covid19. We then planned to come together in early 2021, which was again prohibited by Covid19. Currently, we investigate possibilities to haveContinue reading “About establishing DACAS-Rob”