Robotics made in Denmark” has national and international impact. As roboticists in academia, we are contributing to this success story – and starting now we are establishing Danish Academic Society of Robotics as a platform and forum to meet, discuss, act and grow together.

“Robotics made in Denmark” is becoming increasingly visible on an international scale, and has an increasing impact on national decision-makers. Many aspects of research, development and innovation are selected and driven in close and trustful cooperations between industry, academia and politics. These close cooperations certainly are essential for the success story of robotics in Denmark. And the existing networks are perfect for communicating and further developing this success story.

However, the existing networks are centered around the needs and requirements of the industry. As roboticists in academia, we play a crucial role in enabling the current developments as well as shaping the future of robotics and guiding industry and academia towards it. Yet, we still have to find our own voice.

From our point of view, it is now the time to establish the Danish Academic Society of Robotics that provides us a platform and a forum to meet, discuss, act and grow together as roboticists in Denmark. Plus, we build it as a platform to reach out to our international colleagues.

Read about upcoming events, see how to become a member, and feel free to contact us for more information. More information will follow as we go – for example our concepts for the future here.